Continue to develop and industrialize of immune diagnostic reagents based on genetic recombination technology and monoclonal antibody technology, all of which are exclusive domestic technologies.
We will provide the world’s highest level of diagnostic system to the customer.

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    October, 1999


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Genetic Recombinant Protein Production and Manufacturing Technology

Operate various expression systems such as E.coli expression system, Baculovirus expression system, and Adenovirus expression system, etc.

Manufacturing and Production Technology of Monoclonal Antibody and Polyclonal Antibody

Immunization techniques such as peritoneal immunity and foot pad immunization, monoclonal antibody production technology accumulated over a long period of time, used as the raw material for all products as a proprietary antibody.

Mass Production and Purification Technology of Recombinant Protein and Antibody

Mass production technology, refining technology of raw materials applied to company’s products for diagnosing animal diseases, and among human diseases, malaria related recombinant proteins and specific monoclonal antibody are completely developed and manifesting sales.

Development and Production Technology of Immunodiagnostic Kit

Development and Production of Technical Diagnostic Kits such as ELISA and POCT (on-site diagnostic kit)

Development of Genetic Diagnostic Kit and Production Machine

Development and Production Technology of PCR, RT-PCR, realtime PCR, DNA chip

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