Continue to develop and industrialize of immune diagnostic reagents based on genetic recombination technology and monoclonal antibody technology, all of which are exclusive domestic technologies.
We will provide the world’s highest level of diagnostic system to the customer.


Let's contribute to human and animal health with diagnostic business!

Median Diagnostics Inc is the first company in South Korea that has been approved to manufacture animal-use diagnostic drugs in 2001. Since 2001, the company has obtained numerous types of animal-use diagnosis drugs license including the “ELISA” - an antivirus test license for swine fever. In addition, the company is expanding the business area into ingredients necessary for medicine productions, biological manufacture of genetic recombinant materials, therapeutic products, etc. With these expansions, the company is becoming a specializer in vitro diagnosis products and biological products, and contributes to the human and animal health.

Median Diagnostics Inc will continue to develop and industrialize immune diagnostic reagents with exclusive domestic genetic recombinant technology and monoclonal antibody technology. With this, our company will complete the world-class diagnostic system and provide the highest quality diagnostic kit to the customers.

Median Diagnostics Inc is a company which develops, produces, and sells the diagnostic system that is suitable for the development of early diagnostic method for diseases and constant monitoring system in order to fight new and mutated infectious diseases.

New and mutated communicable diseases between human and animals are increasing due to changes in ecosystem by global warming, environmental adaptation and variation of pathogens, development of transportation system, and early spread of epidemics, increased contact with wildlife in 21st century. As a result, Median Diagnostics exist for the slogan “One Health”. “One Health” represents that all human, animals, and environment remain healthy by early and accurate diagnosis of communicable diseases between human and animals such as diseases from mosquitos, mites, etc.

For this, our company provides diagnostic solution to monitor and diagnose diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, avian influenza, as well as various common industrial diseases such as brucellosis and Japanese encephalitis. Moreover, we also provides diagnostic products to effectively diagnose infectious and metabolic diseases caused by the increase of companion animals and global aging.

Median Diagnostics Inc is the first domestic company that has been approved to manufacture animal -use diagnostic drugs in 2001, and it has introduced and operated through quality control system with international technique standard (ISO, International Organization for Standardization 9001:2015). The business goal of the company is to provide the highest quality diagnostic kits by manufacturing and distributing speedy, measurable, accurate, and reasonable diagnostic kits.

We, Median Diagnostics Inc are striving to create innovative value based on excellent human resources and technologies, in order to touch the hearts of customers beyond customer satisfaction by providing the best technology and product.


CEO, Jin Sik Oh